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The difference between a brilliant and a diamond

The difference between a brilliant and a diamond

What do you have in your engagement ring?
A brilliant or a diamond?

Is it the same?

In this blog we will explain everything!

Brilliant or diamond

Brilliant’ and ‘diamond’ are often used for the same stone. They are, however, not synonyms.
‘Diamond’ is the name of the precious stone itself, like you can read in the blog Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Brilliant denotes the cut of a stone, so not only a diamond, also for example a sapphire or ruby.
But why are they so often mixed up?
And should I buy a brilliant cut diamond or another cut?

What does the term ‘brilliant’ mean?

The term ‘brilliant’ is in fact an abbreviation of ‘brilliant cut’; a method of cutting.
For a diamond stone this cut optimizes its appearance as well as the way it reflects light. ‘Cut’ can refer both to the shape and the cut quality of a diamond.

The value of a diamond depends on what a gemologist calls the 4 C's:

  • Carat weight
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour

A well cut diamond has a higher reflection. A brilliant cut diamond, with the ideal number of 57 facets, therefore has a more intense brilliance and a higher appeal.

Of all diamond shapes, the brilliant cut shines the brightest.
All light that enters the brilliant cut diamond on top (the crown of the cut) reflects inside the stone and returns through the table.
This is why this diamond shape is most common in diamond rings.

How does it influence the quality of my diamond?

The cut quality of a diamond refers to its proportions, its symmetry and its polish and is therefore one of the most important characteristics of a diamond. If its depth is too deep or too shallow, the light that enters the diamond through its crown will escape instead of being reflected.

Diamond shapes other than the standard round cut are called ‘fancy shapes’. The most well-known shapes are the marquise, the pear, the oval, the heart and the emerald. As a visitor of our website you are already familiar with the heart shape. You can find this cut in the Lovin Locktober with padlock, the Lovin Locktober with cylinder lock, the Secret Locktober, the Aphrodite with padlock and the Aphrodite with cylinder lock chastity keys.

As you can read above, the brilliant but is the ideal cut for a diamond to reflect the light. Therefore, and because everybody is most familiar with this kind of cut, we standard use this cut in our handmade keys.
And you can choose to let us set a brilliant cut diamond in every key.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog. Did we awaken your enthusiasm to tell other people your new knowledge? :-)
Do you now want a brilliant cut diamond in your new key? Than we have a surprise for you! When you order your new handmade key we will give you a 0.03crt brilliant cut diamond for free. Aft er your order (without including the diamond option) email us that you have read this blog for the free diamond.


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