Making of the Alphabet key with pink diamonds

Making of the Alphabet key with pink diamonds

A week ago a customer asked us if it is possible to create the Alphabet Key with padlock with white and pink diamonds.

Pink diamonds, one of the rarest diamond colours!
We posted a nice blog about DIAMONDS and the difference between a BRILLIANT AND DIAMOND earlier.

Together with the customer we created several ideas on paper to show what is possible, the prices and how it will look at the end.

These are the ideas we created together:

The Alphabet key is printed on paper with zirconia's to show how the final key will look like (with a bit of fantasy).

Next step after the customer's decision was creating the key in silver.
Same as with every key it is possible to ask for how it's made photos and videos.

Videos like this one:

And ofcourse photos while setting the diamonds:

And herewith the key when finished:

And my wife was also willing to show the key:

Feel free to contact us when you have got ideas for you custom made key of

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