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Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

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Determination of a natural diamond

Determination of a natural diamond

We only use the highest quality diamonds in all our jewelry. But what does that mean?

A blog to “educate” you the 4 C’s that that determines the quality of a natural diamond: - Clarity - Color - Cut - Carat weight



The better the quality of a diamond, the better the light will reflect inside the diamond. We standard use the quality VVS1 what means Very Very Small inclusions. The more inclusions, the lower the quality of the diamond.


Let’s talk about white/colorless diamonds. The color scale of white diamonds goes from D (colorless) till Z. Colorless white diamonds are the highest quality diamonds. Almost all famous jewelry houses use color F and clarity VS. We use VVS1 and color D for your jewel.


An ideal cut diamond reflects all the light that goes in the diamond back to the top part. It gives your diamond jewel the beautiful reflection you want!

Carat weight

When we talk about high quality diamonds the carat weight is a very important C. For example, a colorless VVS1 diamond of 1.00 carat is a very rare diamond. In the video below you see a 1.00 carat diamond, quality VVS2, color D in a heart shape.

Example of the Loving Locktober in 14 carat yellow gold with a 1.00 carat diamond in top quality.



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