Placing a diamond

Placing a diamond

Read till the end for a nice surprise ;-)

In this blog I will show you with photos how to place a diamond inside a jewel. For this blog I use The Key in 14 carat yellow gold as example to show you the steps needed before a diamond is set perfectly.

Step 1

Just “clued” The Key in hot wax.
Ready to place the diamond!
I use the hot wax to fix the pendant.

Step 2

Centering the exact middle.
This need to be done very precise.

Step 3

Drilling a hole with a very small (0.06mm) drill.
The depth of this hole is just a little deeper then the dept of the diamond.

Step 4

Making the hole a bit wider with this ball mill.
The depth of this mill is exactly the depth of the diamond.

Step 5

Drilling the upper part of the hole with a ball mill just a bit smaller than the diamond. The hole is now like a funnel.

Step 6

Drilling below the surface of the key with this mill in the shape/angle of the diamond. This is the tricky part of placing a diamond. The line you drill has to be exact the size of the diamond and has to be 100% horizontal. Otherwise the stone will break.

Step 7

Placing the diamond in an angle in the hole. As you can see through the 10x magnifying loupe the left part of the diamond is placed below the surface. Now I can push the right part in the hole to secure the diamond below the surface.

Step 8

The diamond is placed with a little click under the surface of the key!
Time to give the setting her high polish finish.

Step 9

Finished! The brilliant cut 0.03 carat diamond is placed inside The Key. Final step is to smoothly polish the key for the last time and then this beauty is ready to fly to Switzerland!
 Our gift for you this weekend:
Ask in the comment area during checkout for the 0.03 carat diamond for free inside your key!

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