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Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

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The making of The Secret

The making of The Secret

"Can you manufacture a design to satisfy my keyholder's desire for discretion when wearing the key?"

A view months ago we received this message with the question if it was possible to design a new kind of key:

"A design to satisfy my keyholder's desire for discretion when wearing the key. Something where the key portion is covered up to look like an old fashioned skeleton and when the bottom half is pulled off, it reveals the actual key.
Sort of like the cap on a pen I guess...


This way the jewel will look decorative and not like a real key, until the cap is pulled of.
I attached a picture of the kind of key I was thinking of."

The development of the key

As with every custom request we made some sketches to discuss what we can do and to synchronize our thoughts.
It is not necessary to meet in person to create beautiful jewellery. We often use Messenger, Whatsapp and email to discuss your wishes.

The Secret in practice

Sometimes, when I'm going to manufacture special unique jewellery, I am manufacturing a "sketch" in a non-precious metal first to show the customer how the final jewel will look like.
Not this time! The idea of this "Secret key" was clear so I started right away.

The idea was very clear: the key needed to look like a normal skeleton key, the bottom part with a screw and, most important, it has to be a secret! So the screwing part must be invisible.

For me as a goldsmith these kind of keys are fun to craft. All our keys ofcourse but with these kind of keys you need to use lots of techniques.

The bottom part, the tube, is turned on the lathe with 0.01mm precision. In the tube a screw tread is manufactured by hand, same as in the key.

The bottom of the tube is soldered to close the tube.

The top part of the key is the part where I soldered the heart shape. Below the heart the silver screw and the actual key are placed; a silver key that fits exactly in the matching Bürg Wachter lock.

The Secret chastity key is in our opinion a true masterpiece. 
(Blog continues below the photos)



The Secret Locktober

After The Secret we decided to create the Secret Locktober as well. It's the combination of The Secret and the Lovin' Locktober. In the middle of the heart we create a dangling stone in the color of your choice. Just like the Lovin' Locktober chastity key and The Secret!


The Lady Grace with diamonds

And also new, the Secret Lady Grace with diamonds. It was the locktober gift from me to my lovely Wife (see blog). And ofcourse now also available in the shop!

The Secret in practice

Below you will find pictures of keys of the Secret collection presented by beautiful keyholders.





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  • Brian

    We just received our custom Secret Locktober key and I must admit it is as fabulous as I imagined. Searching for a key worthy of my beautiful wife brought me to this site. I read the quote from Erik, “My wife as my keyholder should, of course, never wear a cheap steal factory key,” and exclaimed, exactly! I reached out with my questions, decided on best fit, ordered and anxiously waited. It arrived beautifully packaged. It has only been a day and my wife has already received compliments from strangers. When asked the significance, she replied “It’s the key to my husbands heart.” Of course we all know what that means ;-)

  • Sheila

    We knew if we waited long enough you would conquer the logistics of making a secret key that works on padlocks. We were just about to by a cage to match the cylinder lock when you rolled out the new design. We enjoy keeping up with your work and loved the customer service on both our purchases.

  • Jim

    What’d be cool would to include a hole in the key that aligns with the cap so to secure it in place with a chastity code tag for remote keyholders

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