About us

Hello! This is Erik, the goldsmith of chastity-shop.com 

I'm a Dutch goldsmith for over 20 years and my daily work is mostly manufacturing wedding rings and memorial jewellery.

The idea to start manufacturing beautiful handmade chastity keys in silver and gold started in october (locktober) 2018. My wife as my keyholder should, of course, never wear a cheap steal factury key as "the goldsmith's" wife. 
For that reason I tried if I could manufacture a key by hand that fits the lock exactly. It worked out perfect. With my profession it was possible to handcraft the key with a precission that was needed to fit the key in the locks.

And, of course, it would be a waste not to share this opportunitiy with you people!
Please feel free to contact us with your own ideas and we can have a look together if I can manufacture your own design key!