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14 carat yellow gold Le Baroque with cylinder

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Welcome in the 18th century. It's 1744 and you are in Italy.
You are waiting till your wife is ready to go with you to the party. (Even in the 18th century it was totally normal that men have to wait for hours...)
However, she looks stunning in her flamboyant olive green dress. The only thing missing is in your hands: the 14 carat yellow gold chastity key to her property. Carefully you put the necklace with the Le Baroque chastity key around her neck to complete her stunning outfit.

The Le Baroque 14 carat yellow goldchastity key with Bürg Wachter cylinder is hand engraving on the front side. 
Like every key from the chastity shop, this key is entirely crafted by hand.

*The key shown in the photo is a computer animated key. You will become the first proud owner of the ale Baroque in 14 carat yellow gold!*

Size of the key is ca 36x22mm and 2.5 mm thick.