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Classic Masterkey

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Close your eyes and think of the Medieval period
You are about to enter your castle in the middle of the lavender fields.
You put your hand in your pocket for the key to your property.

Now open your eyes and discover how that key will look.
Meet the Classic Masterkey: A handmade sterling silver key, sulfered black and engraved by hand.

Order this key and welcome your keyholder in the romance of the Medieval period!

It's a sterling silver key and it comes with a matching Bürg Wachter cylinder lock.

Videos of the Classic Masterkey
All chastity keys of chastity-shop are handmade with extreme precision. 
In this videos we will show you how the Classic Masterkey is made.

Sulfering the Classic Masterkey
In this video we give the chastity key an classic medival look by sulfering it black.

Hand engraving in the Classic Masterkey
In this video you'll see the hand engraving of the Classic Masterkey.
The front- and backside of the chastity key will engraved by hand.


In this video you'll see the Classic Masterkey when finished 
Demonstration of the finished Classic Masterkey.
As you can see in this video the chastity key fits perfectly on the cylinder lock.