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The Excalibur with padlock

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The key for a true Queen or King

Only a true Queen or King is able to be the keyholder of The Excalibur chastity key in silver. We named this key The Excalibur for a good reason. It's handmade, hand engraved and with a stunning Medieval look due the natural black onyx stone.

But be careful when you choose for this key.
Only a true keyholder can open the Yale padlock once you're locked-up!

Videos of The Excalibur chastity key
All chastity keys of chastity-shop are handmade with extreme precision.
In this videos we will show you how The Excalibur is made.

In this video you'll see The Excalibur chastity key when finished 
Demonstration of the finished Excalibur key.
As you can see in this video the chastity key fits perfectly on the padlock.