Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

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chastity-shop Keys with cylinder lock The Masterkey

The Masterkey

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Discover the Masterkey
The Masterkey chastity key is equipped with a double thick-walled silver tube for an extremely good stiffness. 
Like every key from the chastity shop, this key is also made entirely by hand.
The key has hand engravings on the front and back.

It is also possible to provide the back of the key with a personal (name) engraving.

    Videos of the Masterkey
    All chastity keys of chastity-shop are handmade with extreme precision. 
    In this videos we will show you how the Masterkey is made.

    Explanation of the manufacturing of the (classic) Masterkey