Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

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How it's made

How it's made

Welcome to the How it's made blog!
In this blog I will show you exactly step by step how the LUCE DEL SOLE IN 14 CARAT GOLD is made. The Luce del Sole as an example because all the jewellery on our website is completely handmade in solid 925 silver or 14 carat gold. (Besides 14 carat gold we can also craft your jewel in 18 carat when you prefer).

Part 1 -> Forging a solid 14 carat yellow gold plate for the right thickness

Every key of chastity-shop is made out of a sollid plate. For the Luce del Sole the solid plate of 14 carat yellow gold is 2.5mm thick!

Part 2 -> Sawing the outlines of the jewel

Your jewel is handcrafted from the beginning till the high polished finish. This makes your key unique!

Part 3 -> Crafting the key part

The key part of your key is made with a precision of 0.01mm accuracy! Because we only use the best quality cylinder locks (Burg Wachter) your key is unique and will only fit your matching cylinder lock.

Part 4 -> Soldering the pendant eye

Did you know we solder the pendant eye of your key with a 3200 degrees Celsius / 5792.000 Fahrenheit flame?

Part 5 -> The key after the high polished finish

Part 6 -> Sealing the spare factory key

We seal a spare factory key in a membrane box. Standard with every handmade key! When your keyholder isn't nearby in an emergency situation you can break the seal and use the factory key.

Part 7 -> Gift wrapping and Stroopwaffle cookies!

What you see is what you get! Your key will be shipped gift wrapped with delicious typical Dutch Stroopwaffle cookies!



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