Are you ready to participate in Locktober?

One month in permanent chastity.
One month without playing with yourself but most of all
One month of total control for your partner/keyholder.

For all chastity lovers the 10th month of the year is the most special one.
It's the month where the keyholder gets the key to your most private part.

And we are going to help you to create a stunning month with our handmade keys in silver and gold.
And trust me, as you can read in the blog "My wife" it is simply no option to let your keyholder wear a cheap nickel steel factory key.

A key in the precious metal silver or gold will make your keyholder very proud and it will make it very easy for you to participate!

Forget NOvember or denial-december, Locktober is thé month!


Locktober collection

Because of Locktober we have created the Locktober collection. Designs in silver and gold with the heartshaped stone (in the color you choose) dangling in the middle of the heart.

The Lovin Locktober in solid 14 carat yellow gold and cylinder lock. On the left you see the bra-chain in gold. When you want to hide your key you can add the key on your bra.

The silver Secret Locktober with hidden chastity key. This design is possible with padlock and cylinder lock.

Silver Lovin Locktober with cylinder lock.

Silver Lovin Locktober with padlock.

The Lovin Locktober in solid 14 carat yellow gold with padlock.


More inspiration needed?

Check out the Gallery of proud Keyholders with over 130 images of keyholders wearing their handmade chastity key!

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