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Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

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Lovin Locktober chastity key in yellow gold

The different types of gold

Everybody knows gold jewellery and most people owned at least one piece of jewellery in gold like a necklace of wedding ring.
But what exactly do you wear?

And your piece of gold, does it have a yellow, white or red colour? Or, even possible, rose and greenish?
It is all possible, the question is.... how???

I will explain to you the same way I did in the silver blog.

Gold is a very precious metal.
Let's say when 1000 out of 1000 pieces is gold, we call it pure gold. (technically 999/1000). Pure gold is also called 24 carat gold.

It's not possible to manufacture jewellery for you in 24 carat gold because pure gold is too soft.

You need to make the gold harder with other materials. 
And here begins the magic!
When you take 750 of the 1000 parts in pure gold and the other 250 parts with, for example silver, you create a white gold metal! And 750/000 gold is also called: 18 carat gold. Mix the 250 parts with copper and silver and you will have a beautiful warm yellow gold colour.
Mix it with just copper for red gold.

White gold is made with pure gold, silver and palladium. Palladium is a platinum metal with a very white colour. Our jewellery is 100% nickelfree!

For our handmade chastity keys in gold we use 14 carat gold. It's 585/000 pure gold. It's because 14 carat is most common because of the price. 
All keys of can be manufactured in all kinds of gold colours. Just ask us for an invoice by using the Messenger button or send us an email.

But why is gold so much more expensive as silver?

One of the reasons is because for every gram of gold you have to mine 1000kg of ground. And that's a lot ;-)
Price of Gold is not set by any organization, but it dependsbut it depends upon the cost of producing it (extracting it from the ground and then purifying it). Gold, unlike many other metals, is relatively expensive to produce. It makes your jewellery very very precious.


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