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How special is silver?

How special is silver?

How special is silver as precious metal for the handmade chastity key around the neck or ankle of your beloved keyholder?

Well, let’s start with a little history lesson 😁
Silver goes back to prehistoric humans. And silver, together with copper and gold was the first known metal used as a primitive form of money.

Around 1500 BC, silver was more expensive than gold in Egypt due to the difficulty to mine silver in pure form.


Silver is a perfect metal for a goldsmith or silversmith because of its characteristics. 
It reflects more light than any other metal. That's the reason why, in the early days, people used silver as a mirror. And it is the main reason we chose the "Mirror key" as name for the key that can be used as a mirror.

Silversmith or goldsmith?

The difference between a goldsmith and silversmith is: A goldsmith manufactures jewellery like rings, bracelets, necklaces and chastity keys :-)
A silversmith manufactures larger pieces like plates, dishes, cutlery etcetera.

Your silver chastity key is very precious.

Let's explain!
Pure silver means that when you take 1.000 parts, all parts are pure silver. We say 1000/1000 is pure silver.
Your handmade key of contains 925/1000 pure silver parts. So 92,5% of your key is pure silver!
The rest, 7,5%, is copper to make your key as hard as needed for your chastity key.

 The Heart shaped silver key with padlock

Silver versus sulfer

Silver is not a good friend with sulfer. Sulfer "oxydides" the surface of the silver metal. Keep that in mind! For example, rubber bands contains sulfer.

So, don't use rubber bands to store your silver tableware!!!

However, your goldsmith is a big fan of sulfer! We use pure sulfer to create a beautiful black surface on some of our chastity keys. Because the contrast of the black color with a hand engraving is stunning!!!

See for yourself and click on the pictures below:


Silver Le Baroque chastity key

    Classic Masterkey chastity key         The Valentine chastity key

My fair Maiden chastity key


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