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Heart shaped diamond chastity shop

Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend

Diamond are a girl’s best friend.
And that is with a good reason.
But why? Because of Marilyn Monroe?

My fascination for diamonds started about 25 years ago. I was a student at the “Vakschool in Schoonhoven”. It’s thé school to become a goldsmith.
During my study I got a lot of lessons in determination of (gem)stones.
It’s because a goldsmith/jeweller needs to know what he/she has got in his hands ofcourse.
And diamond people, diamonds are special.
It’s, for example, the hardest stone in the world.

Nothing in the whole world can scratch this stone except another diamond! So determination to see if you’ve got a diamond is easy: you take a sandpaper and when you ruin the stone by sanding it wasn’t a diamond (don’t try that at home! 😂)

But that’s not everything, when you cut a diamond in a brilliant cut it’s will get an amazing sparkle.
It’s because every light that enters the diamond will reflect in the stone and will come out on top of the stone. That’s why a brilliant cut diamond is so sparkling.

During my goldsmith- and silversmith lessons it was mandatory to wear a dust jacket. And you could recognized me because I had painted a huge portrait of Cecil Rhodes on the back of my coat. Cecil Rhodes was the founder of The Beers in 1880.
The Beers diamond company is till today one of the biggest diamond traders. (In 2018 $6.08 million).


We, at chastity-shop can guarantee you that our diamonds are your keyholder’s best friend!

  • It’s because we only use the highest quality diamonds.
  • The diamond in your key is with the finest white colour and without inclusions.
  • It guarantees for you that all the light that enters your diamond reflects back in your eyes!

Check our keys to find out that you can choose a 0.03crt diamond above the beard of every key.
The keys with stones are also possible to manufacture with diamonds.


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