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Manufacturing time at this moment is 3-4 weeks

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My wife

My wife

My wife, as a goldsmith's wife, is the signboard of my crafmanship as a goldsmith. As a (dominant) goldsmith’s wife it was no option for her to wear a cheap metal key and so I started to try manufacturing a key by hand. It worked out just perfect.

Till October 2018 she was only wearing “normal” jewellery like rings, necklaces and bracelets.


She is a beauty- (beautiful 😍) and skincare artist and in her daily work she meets many people.
Since October (Locktober) 2018 she is also wearing a handcrafted key of chastity-shop around her neck or ankle. 

The first key I tried was the Open your Heart chastity key with a Yale padlock. Then, when it worked, the Mirror chastity key with a cylinder lock of the brand Bürg Wachter. It’s the perfect brand with high quality locks.    

It was the start of designing silver and gold keys for
padlocks and cylinder locks. 

My wife gets a lot of enthousiastic reactions while wearing her key. Many people dare to ask about the meaning of her key and sometimes even the reaction "I know where the key stands for"😈

Depending on who's asking (my parents for example 🙄) she tells people the truth or says it is the key for a lock that is hanging on a special place. Like a love bridge in Paris for example...

"It is really amazing to see how the character of your lovely wife changes from wife to keyholder the moment you put a key around her neck or ankle."

Not because I’ve got a share in the company.
It's because I’ve got a “natural dominant” lovely wife and I’m proud as a peacock when I see men turn their heads when she is walking by with a handcrafted piece of art dangling around her neck of ankle.
Trust me, your keyholder is worth it!

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  • Slaaf Anjo

    So nice to read this and you do great work. i see nice products with the keys.!! and i hope she have you locked up for a very long you can spent your time on more and better products.!!

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