The Open your Heart chastity key with diamonds

The Open your Heart chastity key with diamonds

A few weeks ago a Canadian follower on Instagram asked us if it was possible to manufacture a handmade chastity key for him with 12 diamonds he already had.
I asked him if he could send me a photo of the rings to ensure the diamonds would fit in a key. And so he did.


He didn't know exactly what kind of key he liked but wanted to send us the rings in advance.
In advance from Canada to The Netherlands and so he did.

Eventually we created the Open your Heart chastity key in silver, set with the 12 diamonds.

It is all about trust!
Thank you for the trust in our crafmanship.

Because every key is handmade and custom made it is possible to manufacture a key for you with your own (gem)stones, gold and silver.
With your idea and our crafmanship we can create beautiful jewellery!

Just contact us and we will have a look together!

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